IntraLase® in New Jersey

All-laser LASIK is now available at Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey.  You've probably heard of "IntraLASIK," "bladeless LASIK," or "IntraLase." They all pertain to the development of a flap in the corneal tissue, which is the initial stage in laser vision correction. IntraLase is now available in New Jersey at Dr. Kenneth S. Miller's practice.

As you may be informed, PRK was the operation that led directly to laser vision correction (Photo Refractive Keratectomy.)

The laser beam was applied directly to the corneal surface in this process. There being no corneal flap, the healing procedure took weeks, and the patients were in pain throughout. Then there was LASIK. Surgeons made a flap in the cornea, drew it back to allow the laser treatment to take place, and then replaced it. The flap served as a natural bandage for the eye, making patients more comfortable and reducing recovery time. This flap was created using a blade known as a microkeratome. While the FDA has determined that the microkeratome is safe and effective, and millions of people have had successful laser vision correction procedures, the microkeratome was found to be the source of the majority of LASIK issues. We now have the technology to use a laser to make the flap! The FemtoSecond (FS) laser, also known as IntraLase, is a breakthrough new laser. IntraLase is now the go-to procedure for laser vision correction.

The FemtoSecond (FS) laser works by focusing an infrared beam beneath the corneal surface in the stroma (the center layer.) The corneal tissue is separated by thousands of small, microscopic bubbles of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Additional bubbles are put along the flap's edge, allowing the surgeon to raise and fold it back in preparation for the excimer (VISX) laser therapy. The FS laser has a pulse rate of 15,000 per second. Each pulse lasts 600 femtoseconds, which is less than one billionth of a second! These quick, highly focused light pulses produce a 2-3 micron energy point, which is thinner than a human hair! The flap is generated in about 15 seconds with less eye stress and greater exact accuracy than the microkeratome, allowing it to be replaced with greater precision. A faster recovery time and a better visual outcome are possible with less trauma and higher precision! So look no further than Dr. Kenneth S. Miller and the Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey if you're looking for an experienced doctor to do your IntraLase in New Jersey.

To schedule a FREE consultation and learn more about IntraLase in Whippany, New Jersey, please contact us. Allow at least one hour for Dr. Miller's full, dilated examination and Q&A session. For your convenience, evening and weekend appointments are available.